Good Night Rx Natural Sleeping Pill review, benefits, side effects, safety and use in combination with supplements and medications
Natural treatment for insomnia and problems with sleep

This herbal sleeping pill is a natural supplement composed of several nutrients and herbs that help with sedation and sleep. Good Night Rx helps you feel more sleepy, increases the length of time you spend in bed, and makes you feel refreshed the next day with no grogginess.

Year of formulation
What year was Good Night Rx developed?
   This product was developed in 2005. This brain sedation formula is trademarked by Advance Physician Formulas supplement company where you can purchase it and it was formulated by  Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.. It may also be helpful to you to learn ways to sleep naturally without pills.

Good Night Rx Supplement Facts:
GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). You can find GABA supplement sold separately.
Taurine amino acid
Chamomile (matricaria recutita) flower
Lemon balm herb
Hops (humulus lupulus) flower
Valerian (valeriana officinalis) root
Bupleurum (bupleurum chinense)
Kava kava (piper methysticum) root
Jujube extract (zyzyphus jujube) seed
5-HTP (griffonia simplicifolia) seed
Ashwagandha (withania somnifera) root
Lavender (lavendula augustifolia)
Magnolia (magnolia officinalis) bark
Passion-Flower (passiflora incarnata)
Peppermint (mentha piperita) leaf
Reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) whole
Sage (saliva officinalis) root
Peony (peony officinalis) root
Melatonin (small amount of melatonin in this product)

I'd like to enquire if the insomnia formula is 100% natural or if only some or most of the ingredients are naturally occurring.
   All the ingredients in this insomnia formula are natural.

Dosage and frequency
Each bottle has 60 capsules. Most people find one capsule taken two to four hours works before bed on an empty stomach works very well to induce and maintain sleep. Some people may require two capsules.

How often can a person take a capsule?
   As a general guideline, we suggest only one capsule three evenings a week. At times a person can take two capsules if one is not enough.

Good Night Rx side effects and safety
No major side effects have been reported by those who take this product. Good Night Rx contains kava herb. Those with liver disease should not use this natural sleeping pill. Daily use of kava products may harm the liver in rare cases.

Children and teenagers
Can a child or adolescent take Good Night Rx?
   If your child's doctor approves, yes. We suggest using this product no more than once a week for an occasional sleepless night.

Interactions with vitamins, herbs and supplements
There are countless natural herbs and supplements and it is not possible to know all the interactions that can occur between these natural supplements and Good Night Rx. As a general rule, this product can be taken with almost all other supplements.

Brain enhancers - Acetyl l carnitine, DMAE, Galantamine, Ginkgo biloba, and Huperzine A - Most mind enhancers cause alertness and some of their effects can last into the night even if taken early in the day. If you have insomnia, we suggest you first stop these brain enhancers rather than to try to counteract their alertness effects by taking a natural sedative such as Good Night Rx.

Eyesight Rx - High dosages of Eyesight Rx can cause insomnia and the natural sleep formula may not be able to counteract the alertness cause by the vision pills.

Joint Power Rx - We have not had any problems reported with the combination of Joint Power Rx and the natural sleep formula. However, try them separately for a week before combining.

Kava products - We do not suggest taking kava pills while taking Good Night Rx. Excess kava use may, in rare cases, cause harm to the liver.

Multivitamins - If you take a potent multivitamin, such as MultiVit Rx, particularly more than 2 capsules, it is possible that it could cause shallow sleep.

Passion Rx - This herbal aphrodisiac product can cause shallow sleep in more than one capsule is used. At time Good Night Rx may be able to counteract the alertness cause by Passion Rx aphrodisiac product.

Prostate Power Rx - We don't foresee any untoward interactions combining the sleep formula with Prostate Power Rx.

SAM-e - This natural antidepressant is known to cause insomnia in high dosages.

Tongkat ali - this potent sexual enhancer can cause insomnia in high dosages and it is difficult for a natural sleep pill to overcome the alertness that this potent sexual enhancer causes. You may wish to reduce your dose of tongkat ali if sleep problems occur.

Interactions with Medications
There are thousands of prescription medications and it is not possible to know all the interactions that can occur between these medications and natural supplements such as Good Night Rx. Please have approval by your doctor if you are taking prescription medications and plan to use this natural sleeping pill.

Acetaminophen or Tylenol - Since this pain medication can cause liver damage if used daily, and since Good Night Rx has kava which can, if used daily for prolonged periods, cause harm to liver in rare cases, it may be advisable not to take this natural sleeping pill regularly if a person uses Tylenol on a regular basis.

Birth control pills - Good Night Rx should not interfere with contraception pills.

Blood pressure medications - We don't foresee any untoward reactions.

SSRI depression medications - Some of these antidepressants may cause shallow sleep. Good Night Rx may be useful in some people taking these drugs.

Statin drugs for cholesterol, Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor - Since statin drugs used to lower cholesterol can cause liver damage if used daily, and since Good Night Rx has kava which can, if used daily for prolonged periods, cause harm to liver in rare cases, it may be advisable not to take this natural sleeping pill more than once or twice a week if a person is prescribed these cholesterol lowering drugs.

Use by those with medical conditions
Headache - If a person has daily moderate to severe tension headaches or has migraines headaches, it is possible that Good Night Rx may help ease the discomfort.

Insomnia - Good Night Rx is formulated for those who have occasional nights of sleeplessness rather than those who have chronic insomnia and are habituated to prescription sleep medications.

Liver damage, cirrhosis, hepatitis - Since Good Night Rx has kava which can, if used regularly for prolonged periods, cause harm to liver in rare cases, it may be advisable not to take this natural sleeping pill if a person has liver damage or liver disease.

Please tell me the most potent ingredients in the Eyesight Rx. Also, please, can you also give the most potent ingredients of Goodnight Rx. Honestly, I don't have much money to be able to spend and I could use better sleep and I would love to experience better eyesight.
    The products work because of a combination of herbs and nutrients, and we cannot say one or two are the most important since all of them work together

I read that Good Night Rx doesn't work well taken in the middle of the night for early awakenings. Which of your supplements might work best taken at 3am?
    We are not aware of any natural over the counter supplements that are effective in inducing sleep quickly in the middle of the night.

My wife would like to try this natural sleep product. She suffers from migraines twice a month [hormonal] as well. She takes triptans for these. There is a suggestion that 5-htp can be dangerous with triptans as it may cause "serotonin syndrome". Is the amount of 5-htp in this product enough to warrant concern for this.
    The amount of 5HTP in this sleep formula is very small.

Comparing to prescription hypnotics
How does this natural sleeping aid compare in terms of safety and efficacy with other natural sleeping aids in the market such as Somabien and Ambitropin? I am concerned that the market base for Goodnight Rx is not currently as large as that of Somabien and Ambitropin and wonder if sufficient consumer testing has been carried out.
   No testing has occurred comparing various over the counter natural sleep aids so it is not easy to know which works best without trying each one.

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